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NASA's 52 language audio message to aliens on Voyager spacecraft.

Decades ago, NASA sent an interstellar spacecraft to space journey. It contains lots of information about us.
It contains some audio messages too.
A gold record plate consists these data.

Here is the video which includes all the messages record.

The translated version are here:

Greetings Audio Clips

●"May all be very well"

#Amoy (Min dialect)
●"Friends of space, how are you all? Have you eaten yet? Come visit us if you have time."

●"Greetings to our friends in the stars. We wish that we will meet you someday."


●"To all those who exist in the universe, greetings."

●"Hello! Let there be peace everywhere."
"Are you well."

●"Hi. How are you? Wish you peace, health and happiness."

●"Dear Friends, we wish you the best."

●"Heartfelt greetings to everyone."

●"Hello from the children of planet Earth."

●"Hello everybody."

●"Heartfelt greetings to all."

●"Greetings to you, whoever you are. We come in friendship to those who are friends."

●"Greetings from a human being of the Earth. Please contact."


●"Greetings from the inhabitants of this world."


#Hungarian (Magyar)
●"We are sending greetings in the Hungarian language to all peace-loving beings in the Universe."

#Ila (Zambia)
●"We wish all of you well."

●"Good night ladies and gentlemen. Goodbye and see you next time."

●"Many greetings and wishes."

●"Hello? How are you?"

#Kannada (Kanarese)
●"Greetings. On behalf of Kannada-speaking people, 'good wishes.'"

#Kechua (Quechua)
●"Hello to everybody from this Earth, in Kechua language."

●"How are you?"

●"Greetings to you, whoever you are; we have good will towards you and bring peace across space."

#Luganda (Ganda)
●"Greetings to all peoples of the universe. God give you peace always."

#Mandarin Chinese
●"Hope everyone's well. We are thinking about you all. Please come here to visit when you have time."

●"Greetings. The people of the Earth send their good wishes."

●"Wishing you a peaceful future from the earthlings."

#Nguni (Zulu)
●"We greet you, great ones. We wish you longevity"

●"How are all you people of other planets?"

●"Greetings to the inhabitants of the universe from the third planet Earth of the star Sun."

●"Hello to the residents of far skies."

●"Welcome, creatures from beyond the outer world."
"Peace and happiness to all."

●"Welcome home. It is a pleasure to receive you."

●"Hello to everyone. We are happy here and you be happy there."

●"Greetings to everybody."

●"Greetings! I Welcome You!"

●"We wish you everything good from our planet."

●"Wish You a Long Life."

#Sotho (Sesotho)
●"We greet you, O great ones."

●"Hello and greetings to all."

●"May all be well."

●"Greetings from a computer programmer in the little university town of Ithaca on the planet Earth"

●"Greetings. Best wishes from Telugu-speaking people."

●"We in this world send you our good will"

●"Dear Turkish-speaking friends, may the honors of the morning be upon your heads."

●"We are sending greetings from our world, wishing you happiness, goodness, good health and many years."

●"Peace on you. We the inhabitants of this earth send our greetings to you."

●"Sincerely send you our friendly greetings."

●"Good health to you now and forever."

●"Best wishes to you all."


Who will win space race? ISRO or SpaceX

In recent years, INDIA'S Space Agency ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and Elon Musk's space agency SpaceX have done many remarkable works in the field of latest technologies in space.

ISRO has achieved a great reputation in launching and cheap and nano-sized satellites. Customers from all around the world have shown their interest in launching their satellites by launch vehicles of ISRO.

In other side, ISRO has a great competition with SPACEX.
Elon Musk's SpaceX has achieved a great success by Falcon Heavy Rocket.

Lets Compare some special achievments by both the agencies.

Well.. These both agencies are good options for commercial satellites as well non-commercial satellites.
And the upcoming future will decide who is best among those.

Now, Let us know what do you think about this. Comment your views about it.  

Exclusive Story: How the Observation of Chinese Space Station Crash was done So Accurately?

image credits: Fraunhofer
At the very start of april month of 2018, the Chinese space station TIANGONG-1 crashed to earth. And the tracking of this space station was done so accurately that it blown minds.
Let's know the interesting process of it's tracking.

Generally, there are three methods which are used to track space objects under this condition:

There is a network of RADAR in Northern Hemisphere which tracks the space objects and other things. as the satellite passed through radar beams, it was able to be detected by the scientists who were waiting and well trying to track it.


The ESA (EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY) provided a graphical representation which predicted the date of crashing of The Space Station.

Graphic Credits: European Space Agency 

After the date prediction by ESA, The scientists didn't take any chance for it. The tracking data provided by the RADAR was not so satisfactory. Hence they decided to use telescopes which are available for tracking space objects. over 10 of the telescopes were being used for the tracking of TIANGONG-1.

Finally, it was detected more accurately and it fell in pacific ocean harmlessly.


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All about the Satellite to be launched on 29 mar 2018 by ISRO. (GSLV_f08_GSAT6a)

ISRO to launch a vehicle GSLV with satellites on 29 march 2018. 
Here is the data which was officially provided by ISRO. 


An official TV program for this was also released by ISRO. Here is the notification for that.

Download the official Information Broucher from top of this page. 

What is a Dwarf Planet? Profile facts about Dwarf Planet?

In Solar System, there are various objects like planets, star, asteroids, dust, etc.
DWARF PLANETS are one of some most interesting things for a science observer. Lets know about Dwarf Planets and some special facts about them.

"A Dwarf Planet is an object which orbits around the Sun and which has not enough gravity to clear materials in its neighborhood. Genarally those are of Spheroid Shape"

The category of dwarf planets came in trend in 2015, when NEW HORIZON MISSION passed by pluto. It was obtained that pluto is smaller in size than considered.

Lets know some profile facts about Dwarf Planets:

Why Pluto is no more a Planet? The reasons behind it.

Since PLUTO was discovered in 1930, It has been a important topic of discussion and a bit of Puzzle.
It was considered as the 9th planet of our solar system. it has been a attractive thing even for children.

But recently it was unlisted from the category of planets. The world was amazed for this.

Here is why Pluto is no more considered a planet:
In fact, on 24 Aug 2016, The Team of  International Astronomical Union (IAU) passed two resolutions for planet category.

  •  5A
  •  6A

According to the 5A resolution, a Planet is a Celestial Body that,

  1. is in an orbit around sun.
  2. has enough mass and gravity to overcome rigid forces.
  3. has not cleared the neighborhood.
  4. and is not a satellite.
And Pluto was not satisfying the all conditions, as they said.
Now, Lets see some basic properties of Pluto:

  • Pluto is smaller than any planet in solar system, even it is smaller than Earth's Moon.
  • Pluto is dense and rocky, but different from its neighborhood planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) which are gaseous. (so many scientist believe that it may be formed somewhere else and attracted due to Sun's gravity. /li>
  • one of it's moon, Charon is almost half of its size. and this kind of systems may be considered as binary systems.
  • Pluto's orbit is completely different than other planets as seen below:

As conclusion, PLUTO doesn't qualify the conditions of being a planet. and then it was unlisted from PLANET Category and  added to DWARF PLANET Category.

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here we have a nice video about Future Missions of INDIA for you:

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