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Why Pluto is no more a Planet? The reasons behind it.

Since PLUTO was discovered in 1930, It has been a important topic of discussion and a bit of Puzzle.
It was considered as the 9th planet of our solar system. it has been a attractive thing even for children.

But recently it was unlisted from the category of planets. The world was amazed for this.

Here is why Pluto is no more considered a planet:
In fact, on 24 Aug 2016, The Team of  International Astronomical Union (IAU) passed two resolutions for planet category.

  •  5A
  •  6A

According to the 5A resolution, a Planet is a Celestial Body that,

  1. is in an orbit around sun.
  2. has enough mass and gravity to overcome rigid forces.
  3. has not cleared the neighborhood.
  4. and is not a satellite.
And Pluto was not satisfying the all conditions, as they said.
Now, Lets see some basic properties of Pluto:

  • Pluto is smaller than any planet in solar system, even it is smaller than Earth's Moon.
  • Pluto is dense and rocky, but different from its neighborhood planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) which are gaseous. (so many scientist believe that it may be formed somewhere else and attracted due to Sun's gravity. /li>
  • one of it's moon, Charon is almost half of its size. and this kind of systems may be considered as binary systems.
  • Pluto's orbit is completely different than other planets as seen below:

As conclusion, PLUTO doesn't qualify the conditions of being a planet. and then it was unlisted from PLANET Category and  added to DWARF PLANET Category.

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