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Exclusive Story: How the Observation of Chinese Space Station Crash was done So Accurately?

image credits: Fraunhofer
At the very start of april month of 2018, the Chinese space station TIANGONG-1 crashed to earth. And the tracking of this space station was done so accurately that it blown minds.
Let's know the interesting process of it's tracking.

Generally, there are three methods which are used to track space objects under this condition:

There is a network of RADAR in Northern Hemisphere which tracks the space objects and other things. as the satellite passed through radar beams, it was able to be detected by the scientists who were waiting and well trying to track it.


The ESA (EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY) provided a graphical representation which predicted the date of crashing of The Space Station.

Graphic Credits: European Space Agency 

After the date prediction by ESA, The scientists didn't take any chance for it. The tracking data provided by the RADAR was not so satisfactory. Hence they decided to use telescopes which are available for tracking space objects. over 10 of the telescopes were being used for the tracking of TIANGONG-1.

Finally, it was detected more accurately and it fell in pacific ocean harmlessly.


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